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Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Brain Injury Association (new window)
  • This website offers an array of information about Brain Injury for both children and adults. The material provided by this website includes information on the, characteristics, treatment, rehabilitation, prevention and education of Brain Injury. Also, visitors can find information relating to Brain Injury research, professional conferences, upcoming events, and government relations. http://www.biausa.org/Pages/splash.html
  • Brain Injury Society (new window)
  • This website is a place where visitors can get information about workshops, rehabilitation, advocacy, and discussion groups. http://www.bisociety.org/
  • The Mt. San Jacinto College (new window)
  • Mt. San Jacinto College provides examples of accommodations for persons with brain injury and a list of links to brain injury resources. http://www.msjc.cc.ca.us/dsps/abi.htm
  • The Student with a Brain Injury (new window)
  • This website contains a paper titled: "The Student with a Brain Injury: Achieving Goals for Higher Education (2001)" This resource paper describes the complex nature of brain injuries and explores the implications that brain injuries have on plans for postsecondary education. http://www.acenet.edu/programs/heath/HEATHpubs.cfm#brain

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