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  • Destination Success Conference (new window)
  • On this site one can view the presentation made by Dr. Kevin McCormick, Brenda Bogardis, and Kathryn Peet from Georgian College's Research and Evaluation Center. This presentation is based on the results of primary research in which feedback was gathered from faculty and students who had participated in a Universal Design approach to teaching and learning. The presentation, which can be viewed through PowerPoint, provides information about classroom performance, the classroom environment, and the type of technology and resources utilized by the professors who implemented UDI in their classrooms. http://www.destinationsuccess.org/2003/ab_mccormick.htm
  • Johnson State College (new window)
  • The Johnson State College website offers Universal Design Resources to assist faculty members in effectively implementing UD in their classrooms. The section on Universal Design includes a link to the 9 principles of UDI, FAQ's about UDI, and examples of how college faculty have applied UDI in their classes. Familiarizing faculty members with Universal Design aims to assist them "when designing curriculum to ensure its accessibility to the most diverse student population and minimize the need for accommodations." http://www.jsc.vsc.edu/studentlife/1170.html
  • The Ivy Access Initiative (new window)
  • The goal of this initiative- undertaken by Brown University- is to educate faculty at institutes of higher learning to become effective teachers of students with non-visible disabilities. The site not only provides a multitude of UID Resources, but it also addresses specific issues such as how UID can be achieved through Adaptive Technology and Accessible Web Design. There is also a section on how to implement UID in foreign language instruction. Finally, the site provides you with an optional quiz that allows you to test your knowledge of Universal Instructional Design. http://www.brown.edu/Administration/Dean_of_the_College/uid/html/about.shtml
  • The Ohio State University Partnership Grant (new window)
  • This website is part of the Partnership Grant: Improving the quality of higher education for students with disabilities which "is designed to positively influence faculty knowledge and attitudes by increasing awareness in a multitude of areas...including the need for accessible curriculum." The site supplies a useful overview of UDI through its section entitled, "Fast Facts for Faculty." In addition, specific examples are provided to illustrate the "essential qualities" of UDI and definitions are given for each of the key types of implementation. The site suggests that embracing and effectively implementing Universal Design "does not remove academic challenges; it removes barriers to access; simply stated, Universal Design is just good teaching." http://www.osu.edu/grants/dpg/fastfact/undesign/html
  • Universal Design Education Online (new window)
  • This site is designed to support both teachers and students in their use and understanding of UDI. The site is subdivided into two sections of resources- one specifically for teachers and one geared towards students. The Teaching Resources include the following: Program Overviews, Course Outlines, Course Modules, Student-Initiated Projects, Short Events, Teaching Techniques, and Information and Technology for Developing Accessible Online Teaching. The Student Resources include Degree Programs Containing Universal Design, Certificate Programs in UD, Distance Education in Universal Design, Mini-Courses or Institutes on Universal Design and Continuing Education Courses. A special feature of this site is its interactive component which includes an online journal and discussion forum for educators. In addition, the site actually provides an example UD by accommodating the needs of viewers with low vision. http://www.udeducation.org/index.asp
  • University of Guelph (new window)
  • The University of Guelph houses Teaching Support Services (TSS), which aims "to help provide and maintain a physical environment which facilitates learning as well as to help to develop positive faculty attitudes towards teaching..." Through TSS, the University of Guelph has received funding from the Provincial Government's Learning Opportunities Task Force to commence an investigation of UID principles. Towards this end, TSS provides a comprehensive site on Universal Instructional Design. In addition to a basic introduction to UID, TSS offers valuable resources to aid the implementation of UID by all staff members. On this site, one can find the following UID Guides: TA's Guide to UID principles, Course Outline Guide to UID Principles, Lecture Guide to UID Principles, and Group Activities. http://www.tss.uoguelph.ca/uid/

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