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Instructional Freeware is an area designed for faculty to share innovative and inclusive instructional strategies with colleagues. As the name implies, all materials in this section are products available for your perusal, adaptation, and use. In order to assure that the instructional strategies are of high quality and incorporate inclusive approaches to instruction, each posted product has gone through two forms of peer review (see the link to Overview of Juried Review Process for more information about this online review process).

This growing repository of inclusive instructional strategies is intended for faculty at diverse postsecondary institutions across the country. As such, you will find a broad range of disciplines reflected in the products. Diverse elements and levels of instruction are included to reflect different faculty needs and interests. Products also reflect a range of technology use which varies greatly across faculty, institutional settings, and instructional approaches.

We hope you enjoy the published products and ratings and encourage you to consider submitting your own instructional ideas and methods to share with other faculty interested in making their instruction more inclusive of diverse learners.

Submission of instructional products is temporarily suspended pending continued funding.



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